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Pay interest and withdraw money at our KIOSK

Good news! We are the first pawn shop in Malaysia to launch the Kiosk service. Hurry up to be our member and enjoy the convenience of paying interest and collecting cash at any time.

  • Kiosk service, convenient and fast.
  • Offering pledge periods of up to 6 months and can be extended upon renewal of pawn invoice
  • Providing 24-hour monitoring security system for your valuables
  • Renew Invoice
  • Withdraw Money
  • Membayar Faedah
  • Pengeluaran Wang
  • 转单
  • 提款

Online Payment


1. First Step

Valuables are assessed according to weight/condition/market value.

2. Second Step

Customers present their IC/passport OR any card issued by an authorised government agency.

3. Third Step

Customers will be issued a pawn invoice and a member card, and also receive the loan amount.

4. Fourth Step

Pawn invoice can be renewed or redeemed before or end of 6 months.

What we accept


Interest Calculation

** Remark: Pawn will expired after 6 months period

Pawn Gold Estimate Price

** Based on today gold price & gold condition

What is Pawning

Contact Us

With 50 years of experience, our expertise in gold, jewellery, diamonds and luxury watches will enable us to help you attain the best price at which you can pawn your items.

Please feel free to drop by for a non-obligatory valuation and our staffs will be happy to serve you.

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